Party Marquees

Hiring a Party marquee is a great way to help celebrate any occasion at your home. Whether it's for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or Christmas party, with our wealth of experience in event planning we will help you come up with the perfect solution. We can provide you with many options to help make your marquee and event unique, including items such as beautiful interior linings with nightsky effect, matted or carpeted flooring, dramatic and contemporary lighting, heating and a elegant parquet dance floor to party the night away on!

We can also help and advise you with other services including DJ's and sound hire, catering, entertainers of all varieties, hiring in props for themed parties, flowers and exotic plants, toilets, generators and much more.

Equipment :
Heating and lighting:

  • 75kw heaters
  • 50kw heaters
  • Interior lighting
  • Exterior floodlighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Tables and chairs:

  • Trestle tables
  • Round tables – 5’ and 6’
  • Cake tables
  • Cream or white bistro chairs
  • Additional equipment:

  • Dance floors
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Electrical hook up from house
  • Coat rails
  • Marquee Entrance

    Full Bar Equipment

    Marquees :
    Marquees and tents for hire:
    • Frame marquees
    • Traditional marquees
    • Small party tents
    • Covered or tunnel walkways
    • Entrance tents
    • Chinese Hats
    Our frame marquees are available in 20’ and 30’ widths, with lengths of up to 80’. These provide a seating capacity of up to 150, or 225 if you are having a buffet-style meal.

    Our traditional marquees are available in 30’ widths and up to 120’ in length, and provide a larger seating capacity.

    We can supply linings and floorings for all our marquees, depending on your requirements.

    Marquees to fit any size garden

    9 x 18 meter frame marquee